Welcome our dear customer, in the Guide to how to use the Worldwide Bookingcw website , License No. E 20210215.2 R043 
In this section you can get to know more about what the website provides in terms of services to customers with some advice s, guidelines and site features. BockingCW is a German website that possesses the technology of the new generation of advanced services search engines created and implemented by the first Spanish company in the world in the field of electronic travel search engines that differs from its counterpart from the following reservation sites.
1- All prices on the website includes service and tax, and no additional expenses are added to your reservations for the site. 2- It is unique in offering its services search engine so that the customer can know the prices and know the value that the site provides, so that any customer before joining the site can compare prices for services with any other free sites.
3- Payment feature that the customer's can pay with his local currency and not by the currency of country of residence, which makes more flexible for customers and avoid currency change.
4- Customer service support 24/7 hr all days of the week, with the availability of all social media features through the main page of Whatspp chat, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, which is what you will not find except on this site all over the world in order to ensure a quick solution for any of the travel problems that the customer faces in airports and in the accommodations.
5- Points program attached to a points bank that saves the customer’s history on the site. The customer’s reservations are recorded and can be redeemed into points. When requesting to use them, the system determines the number of points and the additional advantage that it will be granted to the customer.
6- Airline search engine linked to the global IATA directly without any intermediary between the airplane and the customer while preserving the customer's full rights towards the duties of the airlines of modifying, replacing or canceling the ticket, and the customer service also reviews the customer’s reservation well after booking to avoid any mistakes such as wrong lettering of the name or transit problems and their quick response if the transit requires a visa to the customer
. 7 - Unique services department, as it now owns all the services of the world in addition to the existence of a directory of activities and reservations in all countries of the world, so now you have and know well what you will do after arriving in your destined country.
8- It owns the transport and transfer search engine all over the world, so from now you can receive and deliver a car with or without driver, or rent luxury cars around the world, or enjoy family tours with a distinctive car in various parts of the world through this section.
9- Cooperating with sites guaranteed by BockingCW in providing medical, educational, real estate consulting services and advice in various fields..
10- The site has a huge market for products not for the public but for customers only, as each customer can buy or sell his products to other customers and benefit from the distinctive customer segment of the site in a way that gives privacy and confidentiality of data and not exposure to any suspicious operations that take place on other sites to sell products.
11- A Visa section all over the world with a high approval rate due to a personal sponsor for the customer who guides him and fills the data correctly and solves any problem facing the customer in order to obtain his visa correctly, whether it is for tourism, work or residence in another country.
12 - The presence of the world stars section within the services, where you will not think after that about arranging your important events. Just order and enjoy your day.
13- Services provided by the site also in reserving international league matches for all sports, reserving theme parks, reserving entertainment venues and reserving activities in all countries of the world.
14 - The presence of the tours section, where you will not need to arrange your travel with more than one side after that. Only you will find all that is required for your travel on one site and in one reservation.
15 – A promo code featureprovided by the customer service, and this feature ensures that the customer receives the lowest price in the service in the event that there is a similarity in the price of a service on another site, the employee will give the customer a promo code to activate it on his reservation as a guarantee of the site’s commitment to the lowest price for the customer globally.
16- Roaming map feature on all services, where the picture will not be the customer’s guide to stay anymore, you will find it in all. On-site map that enables you to virtually roam in, out, or around the property.
17- Triple insurance for data in payment or confidential numbers, global Virgin Trust insurance, and no person can see the data of any customer on the site, including those responsible for managing it, as this is the basis for the existence of international companies that secure sites.
18- An account is needed to be registered from a user's slot, then after receiving an email with the success of registration, you must communicate through the employee or through the available communication methods to activate your account and log in, and this is a guarantee that no person is registered and in order not to obtain services and prices without registration. 19- The currency is equal to a point in the collection of points and is not equal to it in use, as the system only determines the advantage for the customer in exchange for using his points.
20- The value for the lowest individual account on the site is 10000 USD dollars with the availability of offers on prices through our employees only. The value for the lowest corporate account on the site is due to the site's corporate team, which determines it based on the number of people who will have the permanent account.
21- The account on the site is for lifetime use and is inherited with a proof of first degree and there is no expiration date for points on the site. Thank you, our dear customer, for joining the BockingCW site, and we always promise you to be at a level befitting you.
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