Personal Shopping

Welcome our Dear Customer, to the shopping section which is one of the Special Services of Bookingcw.


Smart shopping is to know well where you can buy the brands at prices that differ from the prices in the capital of each city in the world. For example, if you are in the shopping capital of London, you will find prices for brands at an official price that is sometimes exaggerated, but if you are a Bookingcw customer, your personal sponsor will advise you that a few kilometres from the capital there is Buster Village, which has all brands in the same country, but at almost half the prices.


The employee will also assist you in recovering taxes for the goods that you have purchased by directing you to the tax refund feature and where it is located. Before shopping for your favourite brand, you must communicate with one of our employees. The services search engine also provides you with special offers on some international brands.


Personal Shopping 


Example Request: Can you please arrange for my Hermes Birkin bag to be delivered to my house?


In this request our representative will go to the store and take pictures and prices, then buy, pay 


and ship the order after the client approval is confirmed to his address. You will enjoy World Stars with shopping through Bookingcw.


Guaranteed shopping sites to buy and ship to all countries

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